Tourist Attractions

We are inviting cordially for touring charming surroundings and the most interesting places of our region.

Royal city, capital of Galicia – is enrapturing with his architecture and the remarkable atmosphere. The old town and Kazimierz and of course Royal Lock on the Wawel these are ones of many places which it is worthwhile seeing.

Nowa Huta
Until recently regarded only as the communist creature, today anew discovered, is delighting with his monuments. Abbey of Cistercian monks in the Grave, one of good examples of wonderful wooden architecture in Poland – small church St Bartłomiej and the museum devoted to Jan Matejko are only an admission to the attraction of Nowa Huta.

The historic Salt Mine Bochnia
The oldest mine in the Polish lands, which began mining salt. It is reminding the unusual underground city, delighting with unique excavations and chapels forged in salt rocks. It is possible to tour the mine on foot, but also on underground underground and… by boats.

Charming small town, of which are main attractions: XIV-wieczny royal lock built by Kazimierz Wielki, called second with „Wawel”, Gothic parish church of Of ten Thousand Martyrs, Grünwald Mound, Complex of the Forest with the Reserve of European bison and astronomical observatory.

A historic salt mine in the Wieliczka is a sensation on a world scale – because is the oldest mine still operating in Europe. It is secret, underground world – maze of chambers, corridors, pavements and mineshafts. From 1978 on the world List of Monuments of the Culture and the Nature an UNESCO. It is being exchanged as one of twelve centre-pieces in the world.

Visit in the National Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau remains in the memory for entire living. On account of the memory of the killed, it is worthwhile getting to know the tragedy Auschwitz, places of the sorrowful, specific symbol of Polish history.

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska
A father’s national park is a few kilometres of for pedestrians routes amongst the nature. Caves and numerous valleys and ruins of the castle of Kazimierz Wielki are attractions of this region in Fathers.