Garden party

The marriage ceremony and the wedding in the garden it is an offer directed at the young couples who searching of unforgettable experiences and exceptional environment.
In our offer we have a banquet tent enabling the organization of a wedding reception for 220 persons.
Unlimited ways to arrange the open-air arrangement to create a unique mood, so that every moment will remain for long in the memory of guests.
This is the proposal for those people who are looking for exceptional environment and an unforgettable experience.
The gardens with shrubs, roses, wooden gazebos and walking paths, and creates an unusual and romantic acceptance, which will always remain in the memory of the guests.

Wedding tent:
Located in the southern part of the gardens, with an area of 170 m2 for up to 220 guests.
Lightweight construction, the possibility of raising the side walls makes it a great place
to party in the hot summer days.The tent is equipped with wooden floors, well suited to dance.

Outdoor garden:
The gardens are surround the building to the east and south. In their area are
banquet tent, 2 wooden gazebos, separate place for grill / fireplace with a fireplace,
a miniature playground with swings, bujakami, slide, sandbox and monkey grove.
The garden offers a magnificent view stretching to the horizon of fields and meadows.

Internal garden:

The intimate garden, surrounded by a square building. At dusk – when the lights start
falling from the galleries takes a very romantic almost fairytale appearance.
You can arrange a event for 40 persons or situate cocktail tables at which you can
relax from the hustle and bustle of wedding.