Banqeting Halls

A marriage ceremony is one of the most important moments in the life of each pair. In order to meet Your needs, we would like to invite to host this unique event in hebdowski monastery, because there is no more appropriate place to make vows before God and celebrate with family.
In historic interiors we organize parties to 220 persons and more.
We offer Restaurant St. Norbert and Banquet Rooms to help you organize both the intimate party, as well as traditional wedding and party after wedding:

St Norbert:
Representative banquet room. Extremely beautiful, with vaulted ceiling,filled with colorful frescoes.
Perfectly as a banquet hall and dance hall. As a banquet hall can accommodate up to 100 people.

Two rooms connected arched passageways, with bright walls and vaulted ceiling. Restaurant St. Norbert recommend traditional Polish specialties. Dining rooms can accommodate 70 people.

Completely built-up old cloisters surrounding the inner garden. The location of banquet tables allows guests an easy access to all the rooms and the garden.
Polychrome ceilings and a collection of art provide Great decor and charm. Accommodate up to 220 people.

We cause appropriate scenery and the professional service the thanks to which wedding day and weddings will leave after himself miraculous mentions.
Our offer is tailored to the individual needs of our guests.